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Welcome to the home page of David M Sindall. Here you can learn about David’s books, plays, read his blog and learn about future projects. 


My Story

Writing is a passion for me and something that I am always either thinking about or doing. I initially started with plays, then moved onto novels and I am now writing both, plus dabbling with screenplays. Most days I churn out a few hundred words, but sometimes I have to count shopping lists in this number. 


I want my reader to be entertained, not challenged. I have a dislike of purple prose, it makes me ill! My writing style is direct. I think my lifelong love of Tranmere Rovers means that I am less keen on elaborate stuff and prefer to engage with your passion, although there are poetic bits too, if that’s what floats your boat.


There are themes in my work. It would be pretentious to spell these out but they crop up. Ultimately though I want you the reader, or audience member, to enjoy what I have written, chuckle a bit, reflect some, and then want a bit more.



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I have written various plays and here you can read more about them. If you are interested in performing any of the plays mentioned or would like to commission a play from me, please use the enquiry form on the contact page  (add link)


The Journey

The Journey tells the tale of Reggie Kellison. It is set in the summer of 1936 and Reggie works as a butcher’s delivery boy. The shop is due to close for the Whitsun holiday and Reggie has persuaded the shops owner to loan him the delivery bike so that he can travel to Hadrian’s Wall. 

The play is based upon a true story. My Dad worked as a butcher’s delivery boy and made such a journey in the summer of 1936. It explores the hopes and dreams of a 15 year old, against the backdrop of the rise of fascism  and Reggie’s brother’s dreams of joining the RAF.

The play is scheduled to be performed in Liverpool in 2021, subject to the lifting of COVID restrictions.


Take Away Marilyn.

This play addresses the struggles that it’s main character faces as she tries to overcome an eating disorder.  Jenny is ibeing treated at an eating disorder clinic. She struggles to overcome her prob;lems with food, her only comfort being an imaginary friendship with Marilyn Monroe. 

This is a short comedy drama with a running time of approximately 50 minutes.


Mr Mouse is unavailable

Billy lives above a charity shop in Shepherd’s Bush, London. He is estranged from his family back in the North, and only sees his Dad when he comes down to watch his football team play. Billy is in touch with the office of Mr Mouse, who is keen to make his drawings unto a film. 


The play is dark comedy. No date has yet been scheduled for it’s production.


Three Turds

My first play, which was staged at the Edinburgh Fringe in the 90s. It tells the story of three turds who meet in a sewage farm, but only one, Trevor, the carpet fitter’s Turd, knows where they are and what is going to happen.

This is a comedy of manners, a 1 act play that runs for about 45 minutes.